The Bureau assesses the circulations of the newspapers and periodicals on yearly basis, and issues certificates, enabling them to be placed on the Central Media List to get rates for the public sector advertisements on the basis of ABC figures. The above function has been allocated to the Ministry of Information, Broadcasting and National Heritage under The Rules of Business 1973 Schedule-II Entry 16 sub-provision 6(ii) and under Cabinet Decision, dated 3rd April 1984, circulations audit of any publication was declared mandatory for getting government sector advertisements.

There are two major functions of ABC:

  • Certification of circulation figures of publications

To ascertain the circulation figures of the publications and issue certificate on Net Paid Circulations of publications.

  • Recommendation of Removal of a Publication from the Central Media List

The publication shall be removed from the Central Media List automatically without any further notice, if it is not renewed within sixty days from the date of expiry of the certificate.