Frequently Asked Questions


Is circulation audit by Audit Bureau of Circulation (ABC) of a publication (newspaper/periodical) mandatory?


In pursuance Federal Cabinet’s decision of the 1984 circulation audit of publications desiring to get public sector advertisements is mandatory.


How to apply for audit of a daily newspaper or periodical?


Online Submission

The ABC website shall provide online facilities to the publishers to apply online and submit their application for audit as per rules described in Rule-7 through its Management Information System. Each newspapers/periodicals shall have its own unique user ID/password, through which they shall be able to login in a secured domain to see the status of their submitted case. However, publisher have to get their publication registered in the MIS system before applying for circulation audit.

Manual submission

The hard copy of the forms with computer generated case/tracking number and other documents mentioned in Rule – 6(ii) and Rule: 7 (ii) a & b shall be submitted at the respective ABC office/regional PID offices. The original documents mentioned in Rule 6(ii) must be shown to the audit team at time of audit

Q3.  What are the mandatory documents submitted initially? Top

Initially the publisher is required to submit the following mandatory documents along with application.

  • Declaration of Publisher issued by the concerned DCO/District Magistrate.
  • Declaration of Printer issued by the concerned DCO/District Magistrate.
  • Registration Certificate issued by The Press Registrar, Government of Pakistan, Islamabad
  • Regularity certificate, issued by concerned authorities in respective region.
  • Payment Receipt/NOC from Press Council of Pakistan

What are the other supplementary documents needed to be submitted at the time of audit?


The supplementary documents in addition to the mandatory documents that needed to be produced at the time of audit are as under:

  • Bills/Receipts verifying subscription to NEWS SERVICES
  • An Affidavit from the Publisher or Printer on Judicial Stamp Paper of Rs. 100/- certifying that all the particulars in respect of circulations claim and other documents are correct. The affidavit shall be attested by the Notary Public and countersigned by the Judicial Magistrate.
  • Complete set of issues of publications for the audit period
  • Print order as indicated in the press bills (original)
  • Receipts in respect of payment made to the press
  • Railway and Airways bills.
  • Postal registered parcel or VPP receipts and Money Order coupons.
  • Cashbook and vouchers.
  • Ledger Account Register
  • Bill book/receipt book (original)
  • Payment receipt book
  • Bank Statement clearly reflecting transactions of employees salaries
  • Agencies Register
  • Subscribers Register
  • Original statement of agents with their complete address and contact number
  • Circulations register
  • List of complimentary copies (signed and duly stamped by the publisher/editor)

How is Physical Verification carried out?


Submission of physical verification report is made mandatory for all audit purposes. The audit team shall undertake surprise visit for physical verification of the printing press/publication offices and record their observations through especially designed application installed on smart phone

Publication Office: The audit team shall visit the publication offices to inspect the number of employees, office equipment and other working processes necessary for publication.

Printing Press: The audit team shall make surprise visits of printing press to ascertain actual number of copies of a publication.

News Agent: The audit team shall visit the news agents in order to ascertain number of copies being distributed from the specific areas.

Survey of Akhbar Markets and Stalls: The audit team shall also conduct survey of the Akhbar Markets and Stalls to access the sale of the newspapers/periodicals. 

Q6.  What is the composition of Provincial Assessment Committee (PAC)? Top

Provincial Assessment Committee (PAC), comprises of one member each from the Audit Bureau of Circulations, the Press Information Department and Provincial Information Department of the respective province, from where the publication is being brought out.

Q7.  What is the function of Provincial Assessment Committee (PAC) in the circulation audit? Top
  The Provincial Assessment Committee holds meeting on regular basis to examine/assess the audit of publications conducted by the audit team of ABC. The committee recommends net paid ciruclation figures on basis of physical verification report and the other documents provided for the audit. The members of PAC record their observations/views, while recommending increase/decrease compared to the last audited figure of the publication/periodical.

What is the minimum required period for audit after commencement of the publication of newspaper/periodical?


First audit shall be conducted after 2 years of regular publications. 


What are the audit requirements?


Please visit audit procedure and required documents as mentioned above


What is criteria for the Central Media List?


Criteria for Central media List is given as under:

Publications/ Periodicity

(Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad & Rawalpindi)


















Where to apply for circulation audit?


Publishers have to apply for circulation audit at the concerned ABC or PID office as per jurisdiction given in the website.


When to apply for the next audit after expiry of previously issued certificates?


The automation system shall inform the publishers through email for renewal of their certificate one month before expiry of the certificate and also give two further notices before removal of publication from the Central Media List on the basis of offences given in Rule-11 if it is not renewed within sixty days from the date of expiry of certificate. 


What would be the consequences if someone failed to apply for audit within stipulated time?


Failing to apply for fresh audit within stipulated period of two months after expiry date would lead to removal of the publication from Central Media List (CML)


 Can a declared printer be changed at a later stage or not?


Under Section 16 of PNNBRO, 2002 every person who has signed a declaration under section 6 can cease, for any reason to be the printer or publisher of the newspaper on a declaration in Form “C” to the District Coordination Officer and new publisher or printer has to subscribe a new declaration under section 6.


Can a publisher cease his authority in favour of any other person?


As mentioned in reply to Q No.14. a publisher can also cease his authority in favour of above other person after adopting the same procedure. Please also consult Press Registrar Office for futher guidance in this regard.